Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Join us for ZUMBA Special Lessons to support Fukushima Kids

Fukushima Kids Hawaii holds ZUMBA SPECIAL LESSONS in 7 cities in Japan starting March 10. Join us and support Fukushima Kids!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

From Java on the Rock

IMPORTANT:  IndieGoGo campaign for Fukushima Kids here.  $1730 raised so far! Campaign continues till the end of this year, Dec 31, 2013. We aim to raise $13000:
Java on the Rock is my favorite cafe located on makai (ocean) side of Alii Drive in Kailua Kona, Hawai'i.  They have a coffee farm and roast their own famous and award winning Kona coffee, which is really popular and tasty.

Gen and I would like to walk to this place as often as we can from our house(takes about 30 minutes). It is our morning exercise and all the walk is so pleasant looking at Kailua Bay coming downand Hualalai Mountain going up.  What I like most is the sandy floor where you can put your bare feet in, in addition to the view and location where you get to see turtles and dolphins often.

The owner (Andrea, Bruce) is kindly inviting Fukushima Kids to Java on the Rock for a breakfast and we mean to do that on Dec 27, only 9 days from now.

Fukushima Kids are arriving to Kona in 3 days (Dec 21) and we are getting busier and busier. Here is an event to welcome the kids and we would like to pack the hall of 300 people at Hualalai Academy.  If you happen to be here in Kona, please join us to meet and cheer up the children from Fukushima.
We are still trying to raise money to pay for all the costs including airfares, food, lodging, transportations and activities of 8 people for 2 weeks. Hawaii is an expensive place, but it is worth the effort as this may be a life changing experience for the children.

3 boys are from the Kayak club in Fukushima and I am asking canoe clubs in Honaunau, Keauhou and Kona to sponsor the canoeing experience for the children.

I am very grateful and happy to be able to organize all of those activities thanks to the generosity of many people in Kona.

Mahalo mahalo!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Help me to raise what is lost and more: Kids are coming in 10 days

This is the first time I ever try this. I do not know how it works, but I have a reason to raise money for Fukushima Kids even more so than ever.

This is the fundraiser event we are having at the end of the year.  Be a part of great cause and meet the Fukushima kids!

Last week after the great success of Support Fukushima Kids Day and 3 garage sales, I counted all the money including small changes and separated money for each event, put it in different envelope, calculated the total and then put all the envelopes in a large brown envelope.

The next day, that brown envelope disappeared from our house.

I am afraid it was stolen by someone who knows we were fundraising. I did have many strangers in the house for the garage sale as we displayed nicer items inside the house.

When I realize money we raised was gone, I cried like a child (have not done this for some time).
I sobbed for a few hours and was depressed for days.
I was so sorry and discouraged that I did not know how to tell all the friends who helped me to raise money.

They all worked so hard.
 I am grateful for them and this is what I have to tell them?
The money is stolen now?  I wanted to report how much we raised and how grateful I was.

But now that 7 children and 1 chaperon from Fukushima are arriving on Dec 21, 2013, in just 10 days, I have no time to cry but to do what I can to raise money for them again.

What is gone is the money, $2600, but all the love and care I received from so many people in Kona for Fukushima Kids is intact. It is still with me and that is important.

$2600 is a lot for me. I guess it is a lot for anyone when the money is not yours but it is the money for Fukushima Kids we raised together. So many people, especially mothers, worked and helped.

I am so sorry it is gone now.

Please help me to regain what I lost and support the Fukushima kids.

I am inviting everyone to Fukushima Kids Welcome Festival. Bring your friend and family as it is a free event. (I hope to have enough fund raised by Indiegogo)

Mahalo for reading my blog to the end. Your support is invaluable.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Thank you for your inspiration

Nelson Mandela passed at the age of 95 in South Africa.  He has been my hero.  As I did not have a chance to express my appreciation to him directly,  I am writing my appreciation here.

He taught me not to give up.  Forgiveness is not losing your power.  I am now going through tough situation in my life, but thinking of the life of Nelson Mandela gives me hope and courage.

Fukushima Kids Hawaii is now inviting 8 people (7 kids and 1 chaperon) to Kona for 2 weeks of respite from their radioactive environment.  They can enhance their health by eating fresh organic food (not with radiation) and playing outside without worrying about radiation freely.

At the moment, we do not have enough funding to support what we are trying to do.  If you are in Japan and would like to support Fukushima Kids Hawaii, please donate to the account below:

Postal  Transfer Account: 00150-4-728960 Fukushima Kids Hawaii
(below is in Japanese. You can show this to a post office clerk)
郵便振替口座  口座番号 00150−4−728960  

Nelson Mandera said, "It's always darkest before dawn".

I will remember his words when I need to deal with tough situation.

Thank you, Nelson Mandera for being my inspiration.  I have been able to continue all I have done thanks to your words and who you are.

Arigato  Arigato.

*Thank you for reading. Your click below help me to get my blog reach more people.

Friday, November 15, 2013

If you love Dance, Art or Music, You can help Fukushima Kids!

Hey, we made a local news on Nov 20, 2013@West Hawaii Today!

Join us on Saturday, November 30, 2013@Hualalai Academy for SUPPORT FUKUSHIMA KIDS DAY:  3pm Dance Party, 7pm Concert, all day (3-9pm) Silent Auction.

Do you like to dance?
If so, you can join us for 90 minutes of ZUMBA steps by Pacific Island Fitness instructors and others.
Tickets are sold at Pacific Island Fitness ZUMBA classes by the instructors.  Starting 3pm!

Do you like music?
Then you can come to the classic concert featuring Yumi Kikuchi, a flutist and co-founder of Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project, accompanied by Annu Shionoya.  Starting 7pm, playing beautiful classical tunes that you know!

Both tickets are $10, and at the door $15.  So, get the ticket(s).  I am looking for volunteers who will sell tickets for this events.

Are you a local artist who can donate your work for the silent auction?  Or are you an art collector who can donate some of your collection to support the Fukushima Kids?

If so, please call 334-9616 (Yumi).  Gift certificate to the local restaurants are very popular item for the auction, so, I love getting them, too.

The details are in the flyer. I look forward to your participating any way you can. If you can print it out and put it in your favorite shops, that is a great help.  I need every help I can get and you can think of as this mission is so important for the survival and health of Fukushima children.

Mahalo nui loa for your support in advance.
To donate on line for this project, you can go to:

Please let us know by e-mail that you donated for Fukushima Kids Hawaii.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Meeting Old and New Friends in California

During Hawaii's autumn break (10 days), we went to California to visit friends there. I am grateful we have such wide range of friends around the world.  Friends make life more meaningful and wonderful.

I met Diane (center of the photo) who lives near Oakland. She used live in Kamogawa and she is the reason Gen (my husband) moved to Kamogawa, and as a result, I also lived there for 14 years.  

A lot of good memories in Kamogawa growing rice, vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and children organically in the 200-year-old farm house!  But now we are not going back until our kids are grown due to what is going on at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plants.

Diane used to host children from Chernobyl in Kamogawa and now Fukushima children in California.  Such a caring humanitarian.  I am now joining her effort by launching Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project in the Big Island of Hawaii.  We now have Fukushima Kids Hawaii House(right now as I write this, we are hosting a mother and two young children, 2 and 5 years old who had already developed thyroid cysts) open for 3 families all year round! Apply now by e-mail if you want to stay here with your children.

Here is the interview Leuren Moret did with Gen and me in California.

Leuren was a geologist who used to work for Lawrence Livermore Lab (US Government Nuclear Weapon Lab) to find a safe depository for nuclear waste in the USA, which she could not find.  The Lab tried to make the falsification of her data, which made her to  became a whistle blower and anti-nuke activist to inform the public about the risk of radiation.  

She has been working for indigenous population and minorities as a scientist whose health is threatened by radiation.  She introduced us to Dr. Stern Glass which was such an eye opener for us to learn about the risk of law level radiation. 

Now, with Fukushima triple meltdown, our health is at risk and we need massive information sharing by people as media is unfortunately still supporting the nuclear industry and not disclosing what has been really happening there.  

People in Hawaii and West Coast, and also entire USA will be (already has been) affected by the radiation from Fukushima as well as the existing radiation from nuclear testing and nuclear power plants leakage in the US. No wonder why cancer and hear attacks prevails Japan and USA.

We also Met Takemi san who hosted us for the Japanese traditional medicine (Harmonics Healing) workshop at her house.  It was nice to meet a group of Japanese in San Francisco who are eager to learn the ancient and natural way of Japanese healing method.

The reunion with Kosta and Hollis was also fun.  We went star and UFO watching one night after a wonderful dinner Hollis made for all of us.  We then took an AMTRAK (US train) to Portland (Oregon) to meet with Suzy Ward, Matthew's mother.  18 hours of train ride was fun and spectacular for all of us (but it was not easy to sleep in the AMTRAK coach train.  Next time, we will buy sleeping sheets).

Meeting Suzy is always great joy for me as she speaks with her dogs as well as her son Matthew.  Very interesting just to stay around her and ask questions.  Some of the interviews can be seen at Gen Morita's blog (in Japanese).

Shinobu hosted us also, gathering Japanese mothers in/near Santa Cruz area to support high school students who want to study in California.  It can be done with low budget for 1 year if parents can come up with the money (about $6000 a year). I really hope Japanese mothers network around the world can support all the affected children in and around Fukushima!

Now we are back to Hawaii thinking about Fukushima kids and how to raise money for the winter program which is happening in two months now!!  Fukushima kids Hawaii House also needs funding to keep it open ($24000/year for the house, water, electricity and insurance).  

Everything we try to do costs money and I need to come up with a creative way of fund raising so that we can continue our mission.

Friends and connection (we say "Go-en" in Japanese) always has made it possible to realize my dream and mission before, so I am not too worried.  But every help, every support will make a difference and I would love you to consider to support Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project, which you can do so by donating online through
IAM-CED is our funding NPO so that your donation is tax-deductible.

You can use Paypal (Credit Card) to donate:

Thank you very much for your understanding and action in support of Fukushima kids.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

1010 Participated the 10th Tokyo Peace Film Festival@Olympic Youth Center

I am back to Kona with a mother and two children (2 and 5 years old) from Fukushima after spending 23 days in Japan.  They are now staying at Fukushima Kids Hawaii House (our house).  The house can host 3 families from Fukushima who does not support from government yet exposed to high radiation daily.

During my trip, I was able to give a concert for Fukushima Kids Hawaii Project, raising money for the winter program (2 weeks in Kona, Hawaii) and Fukushima Kids Hawaii House, where the mothers and children from Fukushima can stay for free to detox and relax up to 3 months.

After the concert, I was busy with NVC trainers Jim and Jori Manske.  They gave 10 workshops and 1 retreat in 2 weeks (2 workshops a day sometimes) and spread the seeds of Non Violent Communication in Japan.

The last and the biggest event for me was 10th Tokyo Peace Film Festival, which had shown 10 documentary films with 10 lecturers with 1010 participants! Wow.

The Mainich Daily News has written a wonderful article about the festival:

At the end of the 3 days festival, we all got up and danced to the song of Timor by Sadamu Komukai.  It was a very moving experience.

Thank you for your support to our peace film festival to make it such a great event.